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A Nurse's Guide to Presenting and Publishing: Dare to Share is bursting with so much energy, practical advice and gentle guidance, I found myself wanting to read it at one sitting. I recognized myself, my colleagues, and students in every chapter, and was so enthralled that I talked about the book to anyone who would listen, gently suggesting that it be a required book in all of our School of Nursing courses.

Diane B. Monsivais PhD (c), Nurse Author & Editor, 18(1), 2008

While this book may be useful to those who have never published or presented, there are pearls of wisdom that are useful to presenters/writers at any stage of development. The greatest value of this book may well be it's ability to inspire. The author purports that by the very nature of what nurses do every day..., they are creative and have something to share. This how-to manual is a valuable tool for all who aspire to present or publish.

Michelle Collins, Journal of Midwifery & Womens Health, 2009

Do you want to turn your everyday practice into presentations and publications?

Here's how my Dare to Share guidebook can help!

Dare to Share is unique because it:

  • Is written for all nurses, not just scholars and researchers
  • Addresses both presenting and publishing
  • Goes beyond the nuts-and-bolts to address the personal factors that block
    or boost nurses in going public.
Dare to Share introduces a can-do approach that empowers you to:
  • Drop self-limiting beliefs
  • Get acquainted with yourself as a presenter and author
  • Connect with colleague-friends who support your taking the share-dare
Dare to Share is an example-filled guidebook that enables you to:
  • Learn by doing
  • Learn from expert presenters, authors and editors
  • Learn best practices for presenting, publishing and partnering
Dare to Share is a portable mentor that's:
  • A Quick Read
  • Entertaining and Interactive
  • Relevant Across Specialty Areas