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Is A Scholarly Intensive Right for You?

Scholarly Intensive Readiness Checklist

A Scholarly Intensive is a series of consultation sessions in which a scholar-mentor helps you to achieve your desired outcome. Outcomes range from presentations that leave audiences wanting more to manuscripts that editors can't wait to publish. Scholarly Intensives can involve solo or collaborative projects. To assess your Scholarly Intensive readiness, check off all items that apply.

Do you have:
  1. ___ A yearning to grow as a scholar.
  2. ___ A discernable scholarly need and/or desire, e.g. present, publish, etc.
  3. ___ A passion for raising awareness about a particular topic or group of people.
  4. ___ A thirst for learning more about scholarly best practices.
  5. ___ An ability to reflect on internal factors that may be slowing your progress, e.g. impostor fears, etc.
  6. ___ A willingness to share your strengths as well as your vulnerabilities when it comes to scholarship.
  7. ___ A commitment to persevering ~ from start to finish ~ through the scholarly process from the highs of the creative flow to the rigors of revisions.
  8. ___ A determination to hold up your end, e.g. articulating a specific goal, making scholarship a priority by scheduling dedicated time, etc.
  9. ___ An openness to learning a systematic approach for developing scholarly products.
  10. ___ A comfort level with accepting compassionate critique intended to improve your scholarly product.
If you checked off most of these items, you're a prime candidate for a Scholarly Intensive! Contact me for a complementary, half-hour informational session.Contact