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Multi-Year Consultations to Faculty Groups

"Based on her expertise with preparing faculty to peer mentor each other's scholarship, we retained Kathy in Fall 2005 to customize a plan specific to our faculty group's unique needs. As a result of the scholarly outcomes generated during the first year, we contracted with Kathy to continue and expand her work for an additional two years. With her boundless creativity and her gentle, knowing ways Kathy helped us come together as a faculty group and inspired all of us - novice, mid-career, and experienced faculty members - to Work Smart by turning what we do on a daily basis into meaningful scholarship. Now, four years after completing this Project, Kathy continues to inspire us to be "passionate scholars." Today, our faculty culture supports scholarly productivity from the time new faculty members are hired, through promotion and tenure, to the time they retire. Our scholarly products have exploded in numbers and in quality and with Kathy's wise guidance we sustain the long-term emphasis on scholarship in our large department."
Melinda Granger Oberleitner, RN, DNS, APRN, CNS, Associate Dean & Professor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

What is a Faculty Group Intervention?
Interventions are multi-year consultations designed to tip faculty cultures from competitive to collaborative when it comes to scholarship. Customized to fit each group's scholarly learning needs, these Interventions prepare faculty colleagues to peer mentor each other's scholarly success from hire to retire. In the process, faculty groups become communities of scholarly caring.
What do Faculty Group Interventions involve?
These 3-5 year Interventions combine on-campus visits with between-visit contacts via phone/email. On-campus visits may include workshop sessions and consultations to individuals and collaborative teams. Between-visit contacts can include Scholarly Intensives [link]. Interventions unfold in three phases:
What's is the return on investment for participating in an Intervention?
Outcomes reported by participating schools include increases in: